The story of Edge of East Lake Cottages all started with what became a lifelong friendship. The friends, two couples who ultimately became the Sinclairs and the MacLeans, met at university in the years just following World War II, and became great friends. They were university cohorts, partners in shenanigans, sharing classes, dances, bending the strict rules of the women's dorm to spend time with their respective sweethearts. Following school the friends stayed in close touch, their lives running parallel on many paths. Each had a boy first born, then a second - each had a girl, The path strayed a little with the third (boy-girl), only to reconnect later in life with the fourth, each a boy, and both "caboose babies". The families shared summers at Sandbanks, in cottages on the south side of what is now Outlet Beach, swimming, making sand castles and fishing. The old friends would give each kid each a dime and send them on the long walk to the closest store - a few kilometres away, while they played bridge. They attended auctions, collected antiques that they would enjoy for a second or third lifetime, joked, laughed and played pranks on each other.

In 1986, the Sinclairs, Dave and Sandy, moved to the County, buying 72/76 Outlet Road. Sandy made the smaller cottage (#76) her workshop where she painted and did other crafts, one of those people who could do whatever she set her mind to. It is named the Moody Blue Cottage because this was one of her favourite wines, along with Baby Duck. (Yes, Canadian wines have come a long way since then!)

Dave took up caning chairs, his strong long fingers repairing hundreds of cane and rush chairs over the years. The larger cottage (#72) has been named the Cane Cottage in his honour.

Jokes and laughter were always part of the family lives together. One early spring afternoon Sandy and Dave pulled into the driveway and Sandy remarked, with delight, that her daffodils were pushing through the snow already. On inspection she found that their friend, Doug MacLean, had planted some plastic flowers that were part of a box lot of "treasures" he had successfully won at an auction.

We hope that your time at Edge of East Lake Cottages is restful and fun. Enjoy the many activities that the County has to offer, from swimming, canoeing or paddle boating in East Lake, swimming and beach time at Sandbanks Park located a short 10 minute walk/5 minute drive away , or wine tasting at the more than 35 wineries the County has to offer.